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Bernadette Yao with her Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Guitar, and CDs.

Sound Healing & Meditation for Everyone

Bernadette intuitively blends the fusion of music, group singing, chanting, with sound and energy medicine and psycho-acoustic techniques to create a musically calming oasis that relaxes the mind and helps promote the body’s own natural ability to balance itself.  When the mind relaxes, the body follows. As an energy therapist, Bernadette translates the ambiance of energy transmission through her music CDs, sound baths, and sound healing workshops for meditation, stress and pain reduction, relaxation, and sleep enhancement. 

How Sound Meditation Can Help You

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling scattered and depleted which can translate into disharmony in our body, mind, and spirit.  This workshop is designed to help bring harmony back into your physical, emotional, and energy systems.  We will re-tune our mind, body and spirit, and create a supportive environment to gently find our own healing voice and activate our energy centers (chakras).  This vocal tuning and chanting prepares us for the relaxing vibrations from various Himalayan singing bowls and precious Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls infused with precious metals for a radiant sound bath.  Discover your innate healing abilities through energy tune-ups with sound healing meditation workshops, retreats, and private energy healing sessions

Jewelry by Bernadette Yao Designs

 Tranquil elegance wrapped in harmony

Luminescent crystals are one of a kind pieces wrapped in precious metals.  Radiant energy drops, wearable art, emanate tranquility and creative elegance. 

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