Energy Gemstones Jewelry

Artist Statement

Since 2001, Bernadette Yao has been exploring the energetic properties of crystals, energy gemstones, precious metals, light, and sound vibrations for meditation, through her work as an energy + sound healer, and now as a jewelry maker.  Hand crafted crystal jewelry in Sterling Silver and 14 karat gold filled, Bernadette allows the crystal’s energetic flow to inform the movement of her wire wrapping to create her new jewelry collection influenced by her love of nature, music, and meditation.  

I am inspired by the mysteries of nature, the seen and unseen. I believe thought, intention, and energy creates movement and sound.  My intention is to create inspired jewelry and music for the benefit of health and wellness.

I believe that energy and creativity are similar. I allow the energetic flow of each crystal to inform the movement of my wire wrapping. I let the wire dance around the stone with ethereal light and creative elegance.

 When I surrender to my core essence, the inspiration to create, the ideas, the music, the jewelry manifest in my hands, my heart, and my vision.

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