Private Sessions with Bernadette (Online on Zoom)


Power of Sound/Energy may boost immune system

Sound and Energy Healing has been known to help lower stress and strengthen your immune system which is so important during this time. If you are feeling “stuck” in a negative pattern of self-doubt, lack of passion or joy for life, feeling drained and tired, feeling confused about your life’s purpose, living with chronic illness or pain, allow me to be a gentle guide, an “energetic mirror” to help you learn to find your joy, your zest for life, and aligning with optimal wellness through coaching, energy healings, and resonant Alchemy  crystal sound activations to ease you into a new groove of hope, grounded presence, and energetic balance for optimal health.  By experiencing this sonic energetic experience, you may clear, balance and strengthen your energy field.

Online sessions through Zoom

Bernadette is available for online private sessions with music, energy, and sound healing techniques that go beyond the rational mind and reverberates into the nervous system calming and strengthening the immune system.  (Zoom, Skype FaceTime, Phone).  Email Bernadette to set up an online appointment:

Private Session Rates

COVID 19:  During this unusual time in our global community, I am offering reduced rates for those who are experiencing financial difficulties.  

Private Energy & Sound healing sessions online:

50 min = $100

25 min = $50

50% off for individuals with financial hardships:

50 min = $50 (discount rate)

25 min = $25 (discount rate)

It is my intention to continue to help whomever feels called to receive healing energy transmission through music, sound and energy vibrations. Contact me if you think I can be of support.  

Health care workers, and all workers on the frontlines of this pandemic are welcome to free sessions.  Please contact me.


Please write on subject: Appointment request for healing sessions

(If you are presently experiencing financial difficulties, and would like to receive an energy and sound healing session with me, please email me. I would like to help. Please email me at Subject: Appointment request for healing sessions

Bernadette’s unique approach

Studies have shown that passive music listening spontaneously engages limbic and paralimbic systems which “elicits strongly pleasant feelings”. Bernadette’s unique approach is energy healing through music and sound using vibrations and energy from vocal toning, musical instruments, and alchemy crystal and Himalayan singing bowls to bring you into a deeper spiritual connection to your sacred self, guiding and teaching you healing techniques through meditations, toning, and sounds for relaxation, balance, and peace.  Sound and Energy Healing has also been known to help lower stress and strengthen your immune system which is so important during this time.

How to prepare for your session

Here’s what to expect in your session with me…

  • We will conduct our session on Zoom. Although this conferencing platform has been considered the best platform for conducting sound healings, so far, the sound quality is not as good as being in the room with me and my singing bowls. So, I suggest that you wear headphones or any in-ear audio device like earbuds or air buds during our session for optimal sound quality.  
  • The quality of the energy transmission is the same as being here with me in person since it comes through my hands, intention, voice, frequencies & sound.  
  • What to have ready before our session: have a set of headphones or in-ear device for optimal sound quality. Find a comfortable, quiet space where you can sit comfortably or lie down if you wish. You can use your devices or computers to connect through Zoom.
  • The duration of your session will be 25 or 50 minutes during which time you can share with me how you are doing. I will scan your energy field and ask a few questions to determine how we will conduct the energy/sound healing.
  • After your session: please drink lot’s of water, take an epsom salt bath if you can, and remain calm and quiet for a little while to allow the energy/sound healing to integrate into your holistic system.
  • Notice any sensations, thoughts, visions in your minds eye that you may have experienced during the healing and write it down in a journal if you’d like. You can share this with me the next time we meet or email me with any questions in between sessions.
  • Remember to be gentle with yourself, let go of judgements and just be curious with what’s happening in the moment. Do some of the deep breathing techniques that I will teach to you, to quiet an active mind and come back to the present moment. Ground, breathe, and know these quiet moments can help to “reset” your mind, body, and spirit which will improve your overall health and give a gentle boost to your immune system. Expand your heart and move with love. This will help guide your day with focused intention on what is best for your overall health and wellness.

Comments regarding online sessions (April 2020):

“My sound healing sesson was wonderfully peaceful and I feel more equipped for my work tomorrow”. - M.M. Elmhurst Hospital, NYC

“Dear Bernadette, I feel transformed by our session and am just so touched and grateful! I got a delicious 10.5 hours of sleep last night and just feel so at peace today. You really have a gift 💜” - I. M. NYC