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Workshops are designed to help you relax, unwind and bring your attention to the music as a meditative tool. Bernadette combines her original music compositions, sound healing techniques, ancient Sanskrit chants, and energy therapies (certified in Reiki and Brennan Healing Science) to create a musically calming oasis that relaxes the mind and helps promote the body’s own natural ability to balance itself. When the mind relaxes, the body follows.  

We will re-tune our mind, body and spirit, and create a supportive environment with relaxing vibrations from various Himalayan singing bowls and precious alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls infused with precious metals and gemstones for a radiant sound bath.  

This workshop is for anyone curious about how music, sound may lower stress and improve mind-body wellness.  You are invited to bring your own yoga mat, pillow, blanket and please wear comfortable loose clothing to optimize your meditative experience.

Bernadette Yao is a mind-body music, sound and energy healer, jewelry designer working with  energy gemstones and crystals.  Contact me for more information on private sessions in vibrational healing and energy medicine.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls:

In addition to Himalayan singing bowls and quartz crystal singing bowls, I also play severalAlchemy Crystal Singing Bowls infused with precious metals and crystals:  (click here for more info about Alchemy bowls from Crystal Tones)

Green Aura Gold in D– Opening of the heart and creative energies.  Aides immune system, opens creative passions.  This resonant bowl is infused with 18KT gold and quartz crystals.

Grandmother in A- The connection energy of love and caring. Embraces your spirit’s ageless feminine wisdom and the spiraling DNA of creation/birth. The consciousness of a life well lived and lived courageously. Infused with iron and quartz crystals.

Mother Of Platinum in F#- A natural fusion of pure quartz and platinum creating a fullness of the spirit energy of Venus, the matriarchal goddess of love. Influential, powerful and effective in working through emotional issues. 

Benefits of Sound, Music, & Energy Healing

Importance of chanting out loud and with others:

In a recent Swedish study it is reported that when we sing with others, our heart rates tend to synchronize and our breathing steadies, producing a sense of calm. The strongest effect happens during slow songs.  (According to a recent Oprah mag article. Oct 13, 2013)

It’s so powerful to chant together with one friend or many friends because it brings you in tune with each other.  It’s the only time you breath at the same time – together.  It’s very powerful. If you have a group of friends or you want to bring unity into a meeting,  then sing out loud together.  (Deva Premal)

“Chanting is a way of getting in touch with yourself.  It’s an opening of the heart and letting go of the mind and thoughts.  It deepens the channel of grace, and it’s a way of being present in the moment.”  - Krishna Das

“Chant is not an obscure musical ritual – it is an important tool used by people everywhere to heal their bodies, quiet their minds, and bring the sacred into their lives.”  - Don Campbell , The Mozart Effect

Chanting in Sanskrit:  (from book The Yoga of Sound by Russill Paul):

They are luminous presences of auditory energy that simply exist in the universe, like vast an pervasive galaxies. When we use Sanskrit mantras, our normal perception of the world dissolves and we awaken to the spiritual fields of energy represented by the sounds. When we use Sanskrit, we connect our soul to numerous yogis and spiritual teachers who have employed this language in their own self-transformation

Beneficial physiological effects include: 

lower blood pressure and heart rate, 

increased oxygen in cells, 

increased levels of melatonin, 

reduced levels of stress related hormones, 

release of endorphins - self-created opiates that work as “natural pain relievers”, release of oxytocin, the “trust” hormone, 

Results of physiological effects:

lowers stress, 

brings you back to the present moment, 

calms the mind, improves focus, 

uplifts mood for optimal healing


Private vibrational healing and energy medicine sessions with Bernadette Yao. Lincoln, MA

“I loved the bowls with the music. Bernadette is a fabulous teacher! It was a perfect! One class and I will follow you everywhere!” – Julie P

“I loved the peaceful, serene atmosphere. The musical bowls were magical.”

“Absolutely phenomenal!  Makes my body sing.  I have continued to do toning everyday.  Helps me come into myself.  Really special.” 

“I wear hearing aids – so music can be challenging – the bowls are incredible.  The ability to “feel” the sound and feel the energy as my mind interprets the sound.  It’s so pure and very energizing!”

Feeling validated regarding my feelings.  Loved all of the parts of the program – singing, music, bowls.  Bernadette is so loving, kind and talented.  I was very pleased with the entire workshop.”

“At a recent workshop I was astonished when I experienced myself as total energy during the meditation while Bernadette played and sang at the end of the workshop.  For about sixty seconds, I sensed myself as pure energy without a physical body.  It was an amazing experience!” 

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Just scheduled workshops at the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden for the winter 2018-19.  Please see Events Page for more information.  


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