Sound Healing

Benefits of Sound, Music, & Energy Healing

Beneficial physiological effects include: 

lower blood pressure and heart rate, 

increased oxygen in cells, 

increased levels of melatonin, 

reduced levels of stress related hormones, 

release of endorphins - self-created opiates that work as “natural pain relievers”, release of oxytocin, the “trust” hormone, 

Results of physiological effects:

lowers stress, 

brings you back to the present moment, 

calms the mind, improves focus, 

uplifts mood for optimal healing

Events coming up

Just scheduled workshops at the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden for the fall of 2018.


“I loved the bowls with the music. Bernadette is a fabulous teacher! It was a perfect! One class and I will follow you everywhere!” – Julie P

“I loved the peaceful, serene atmosphere. The musical bowls were magical.”